What is logistics and how does Protek Cargo fit into the bigger picture?

Logistics is the shipping and movement of inbound and outbound raw materials and finished products from the source to the end user. Some products require fewer steps in the logistical process because they require less processing before reaching the market, or they remain fairly local to the source. However, as products enter regional, national, and global markets, logistics are responsible for transporting these goods from the fields, to the factory, to the stores, and to the end user. There are many factors that go into what makes logistics successful.

Protek Cargo understands what logistics is and how essential protective layers reflecting radiant and convective heat are to perishable goods within the cold chain. Refrigerator cars and refrigerated shipping containers are traditional means of keeping temperature-sensitive goods safe, but they are expensive to use and to maintain. Protek Cargo developed solutions that require little overhead, fewer man hours, and less expense — and that is what logistics professionals are excited about!

Many logistics professionals have to ask the following questions before shipping products across the country:

  • What is logistics going to cost?
  • What does logistics need to distribute these goods?
  • How involved do the drivers and support staff have to be in maintaining an unbroken cold chain?
  • What is logistics going to mean for the manufacturer’s growth and profits?
  • What is logistics going to mean for the end user?

Logistics is a multi-faceted puzzle that has many moving parts. Protek Cargo fully understands that logistics professionals cannot risk any broken links or unreliable factors in getting products to market on time, intact, and profitably. That is why Protek Cargo’s No Hassle solutions for logistics are as easy as one, two, three!

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