Third Party LogisticsProtek Cargo manufactures and leases each of their container liners, cargo blankets, pallet covers, and bubble foil blankets to many industries using third party logistics. If you need light insulation in the shipping container, or if you need additional insulation for each and every pallet, Protek’s products remove the hassle and help streamline third party logistics. It’s a win-win-win solution for the manufacturers, the shippers, and the end consumers.

Protek is the only company in the insulated shipping industry that combines the use of highly efficient radiant and convective barriers in our insulating products. If you’re handling third party logistics and must keep your cargo cool in the hottest Summer heat or the coldest Winter storm, working with Protek Cargo is a snap!

Our No Hassle third party logistics solution is as easy as one, two, three! Get a quote from Protek Cargo today by calling 800-439-1426, or by clicking this link to receive a quote for your third party logistics needs.