At Protek Cargo we understand the importance of precision with the pharmaceutical cold chain. A break in the chain and risking the integrity of your product can mean millions. You need a product that ensures your products safety in all climates At Protek Cargo we have the solution. Complement your cold chain logistics program with our product line and rest assured your valuable pharmaceutical product will be safe from even the slightest break in the cold chain.

Exposure Scenario’s:

  1. Waiting on the tarmac to be loaded onto the cargo plane
  2. Sitting in the freight yard, waiting for pick up


We offer a variety of insulating solutions including:


We take pride in doing business in an Eco-friendly manner.  As part of green initiative we track, retrieve and reuse all of our insulation products. Our “No Hassle” service model is easy. Simply tell us where you’re product is shipping and we’ll make sure we cooperate with your customers for retrieval. Ship it and forget about it!

Our no hassle pharmaceutical cold chain shipping solution is as easy as one, two, three! Get a quote from Protek Cargo today by calling 800-439-1426, or by clicking this link to receive an insulation package quote.