A perishable supply chain requires much attention to detail if the perishable goods are to get to the processing plant or to the end user as fresh as possible. Protek Cargo has developed an exciting line of insulated shipping products that greatly assist the perishable supply chain process and those working within the perishable supply chain.

Perishable Supply Chain

Protek Cargo became familiar with the perishable supply chain when it developed container liners, pallet covers, bubble foil blankets and cargo blankets for the wine industry. Since our humble beginnings, Protek Cargo has expanded its perishable supply chain solutions to the food industry, beverages industry, pharmaceuticals industry, and chemical industry. Our hassle free business model allows perishable supply chain professionals to make certain their perishable goods remain safely temperature-controlled, for a fraction of traditional refrigerated shipping container costs.

If you are managing the perishable supply chain for your company and want to see for yourself what other perishable supply chain professionals are raving about, make sure to contact Protek Cargo. Our No Hassle perishable supply chain solutions are as easy as one, two, three! Get a quote from Protek Cargo today by calling 800-439-1426, or by clicking this link to receive a quote for perishable supply chain solutions.