Insulating Pallet Covers

Maintain Thermal Stability with Protek Pallet Covers

Ideal for LTL shipments or covering single pallets, the Protek insulated pallet cover provides the ability to send dry container shipments with the protection and assurance you’re looking for.  Based on the same technology as the cargo blanket, polyethylene foil shell reflects radiant heat, while convective heat transfer is eliminated from lack of air flow and insulating fibers.  All packed into a lightweight, easy-to-use design that is vastly superior to Styrofoam insulation, which tends to be more fragile, messy, rarely re-usable, and time consuming.

SureTemp Pallet Covers


  • Flexible 2 layer bubble foil technology, 5 side coverage
  • Woven polyethylene foil laminate reflects 96% of radiant heat
  • Bubble insulation slows conductive heat transfer
  • Lack of air flow eliminates convective heat transfer
  • High quality, durable material – puncture and water resistant
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Available in standard 40″x 48″x 72″ pallet size or custom build


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