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Elite Container Blanket


The only blankets that return themselves

The SureTemp® insulating cargo blankets are the most reliable cargo blankets that shippers continue to turn to when looking for temperature stability. This blanket is our company’s foundation and remains our core focus. We only use the best materials and manufacturing techniques, optimized for heavy use and harsh environments.

For the outer shell, we use a heavy-gauge woven polyethylene that is heat sealed to a poly coated aluminum foil for ultra-durability. At the core of the blanket we use low conductive synthetic hollow fibers, creating a tough thermal barrier. This attention to durability and quality, makes the SureTemp® cargo blanket a true sustainable alternative, giving shippers the assurance that the blanket’s insulating qualities remain consistent.

How it works

Cold containers wick away ambient warmth and allow the cold to penetrate and surround your cargo. For the winter, SureTemp® cargo blankets work to trap the warmth, so temperatures of a shipment remain stable and above freezing for longer periods of time. In the summer, the foil layer is optimized to reflect the IR radiation (heat), and maintain target temperature ranges for the duration of a typical intermodal shipment.

Key Benifits

  • Free Return Logistics
  • Single shipment or Monthly lease program
  • No inventory space or maintenance required
  • Easy to install
  • Reduce transportation cost
  • Optimize dry container supply
  • Protect from Freeze/Heat
  • Block Radiation, Convection, and Conduction
  • Sustainable & Reusable, NO LANDFILL
  • Life Span: 7-10yrs

Wide variety of Industries served, including:

Floral | Food & Beverage | High Tech & Electronics | Industrial Chemicals & Paints | Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

If you have any questions give us a call and we’ll help you find the best product for your cargo.