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Inbound and outbound logistics

Inbound and outbound logistics professionals from various industries have discovered the advantages in partnering with Protek Cargo for temperature-sensitive freight solutions.

Inbound and outbound logisticsOur cargo blankets, pallet covers, bubble foil blankets, and container liners help protect their delicate cargo from extreme temperatures as they ship in containers across the USA and into Canada. Today, inbound and outbound logistics professionals from industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals seek Protek Cargo’s insulated shipping solutions.

Issue #1: I need a solution to make sure my temperature sensitive products don’t go bad during shipment. Answer: Protek Cargo provides a broad mix of solutions including cargo blankets, bubble foil blankets, pallet covers and container liners,

Issue #2: During peak seasons when I’m put in a bind by shortages of refrigerated units are there other options? Answer: By working with Protek Cargo you’ll never have to worry again.  Provided your cargo has a temperature threshold that can sustain minor temperature fluctuations (5-10 degrees F), our products provide all the protection you’ll need. Whatever temperature you load the product in, we sustain.

Issue #3: If I were to use Protek’s insulated shipping solutions, are they easy to use and install? Answer: Protek Cargo’s insulated shipping solutions are so easy to use and install, the truck driver can quickly load him/herself.  See our videos for demonstrations:

Issue #4: How do I avoid added overhead of owning and maintaining Protek’s insulation products? Answer: Protek Cargo leases their products to inbound and outbound logistics professionals.  We take care of the hassle for you.  We deliver them to you, retrieve them, clean them, and repair them so you don’t have to.

Our No Hassle inbound and outbound logistics solutions are as easy as one, two, three! Get a quote from Protek Cargo today by calling 800-439-1426, or by clicking this link to receive a quote for your inbound and outbound logistics requirements.

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