Shipping cargo with cold storage? Look no further; Protek Cargo’s proven insulation solutions provide an excellent complement to any cold storage shipment. Whether you’re shipping coast-to-coast on a hot August day or on a frozen day in February, Protek Cargo has your cold storage solution.

When en route, we make sure your freight stays cold — even in the harshest climates. We have a variety of products including pallet covers, bubble foil blankets, container liners, and cargo blankets that are designed to protect your cargo in all climates. We have the capability to deliver anywhere in the U.S. & Canada and we track and retrieve our products so you don’t have to. Working with Protek Cargo is as simple as ordering what you need, and telling us where it is you’re shipping to. We’ll handle the rest.

Get a quote from Protek Cargo today by calling 800-439-1426, or by clicking this link to receive a quote for your cold storage needs. Our No Hassle cold storage solution is as easy as one, two, three!