Temperature-sensitive shipping solutions

Beverage giant keeps its cool

Constellation Brands must keep its wine shipments comfortably between 25°F and 85°F while crossing deserts, mountains, and below-freezing Northern climates. Insulating cargo blankets from Protek ensure temperature control, and reduce reefer trucks needs and expenses, all while keeping cargo fresh and protected.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more challenging product to ship than wine. It’s heavy, it’s extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations, and it’s expensive. Depending on the brand and bottle, truckloads can be worth anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to well over $2 million each.

Imagine hundreds of these trailers, full of wine, moving around the U.S. each month. As vice president of logistics at Constellation Brands, Rick Anderson’s job is to make sure this delicate cargo makes the trip safely and travels at reasonable temperatures, for a reasonable price.

“When it comes to wine storage and transportation, no factor is more crucial than temperature control,” said Anderson. “Dramatic fluctuations in temperature wreak havoc on our wine products and can do a lot of expensive damage very quickly.”

To manage temperature risk and variation, and reduce reefer truck expenses, Anderson uses Protek Cargo blankets to help his wine shipments stay cool in the summer and protect against freezing in the winter.